A Glance at the rate of “Deaths due to Covid19 Vs Accidents”

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Deaths due to COVID 19 Vs Accidents, has captured the concentration of everyone. The innumerable deaths that are happening due to COVID 19 have surpassed the number of deaths caused by other diseases and even accidents. Up till the coming of COVID 19, deaths due to accidents were a major concern. This view is supported by the statistics and various researches conducted in almost every country. In a recent study, it has been found that due to lockdown, the number of death cases everywhere has been shot down. But the number of death cases have been just quadrupled due to COVID 19.  

Why the rates of Deaths due to Covid19 Vs Accidents is in news?

Deaths due to COVID 19 is news more than the deaths due to accidents these days. It is a quite visible phenomenon that due to the pandemic, the lockdown was pursued by almost every country. The number of deaths that used to be the scene before lockdown came to a much-decreased rate. According to a study, 1.35 million deaths occur every year due to accidents. Whereas, the worldwide number of death cases due to COVID 19 till today stands at 690,787, which is the result in just 7-8 months.

What have been the major cause of Deaths due to Covid19?

Although, many countries are consistently working towards inventing the medicine to cure this deadly disease until now there has not been much respite. Many other dreaded diseases have come and gone from the lives of the human race. Some of those diseases persist and they take lives of people too. But still, COVID 19 ranks as the most fatal disease to cause quick deaths in people. The major cause of death due to the coronavirus is that it creates massive inflammation in the lungs, which stops oxygen in the body.

Are the number of deaths due to other fatal diseases decreased?

 COVID 19 has become a hot topic and seems to remain so up until the appropriate medicine or vaccine comes to eradicate it. This doesn’t mean that deaths due to other diseases have stopped. Chronic diseases are the leading causes of deaths all around the world, according to the study of WHO.  Further, it is reported by the WHO that 17.9 million deaths are caused annually all around the globe due to cardiovascular diseases. Even now, many people are dying due to diabetes and heart diseases.

Has the number of accidents decreased?

Yes, the number of accidents has indeed decreased due to lockdown worldwide. Everywhere, the pandemic has spread its dreaded influence, because of which people are traveling less and meeting less. Although, there is no perfect statistical data until now to prove this, there are not many cases being reported by any country of accidents these days. The end of pandemic although will again create the question, whether there is any stoppage over the number of accidents. At present, all the governments are busy dealing with the pandemic.

Will the number of deaths due to COVID 19 will keep on increasing?

COVID 19 has attacked the human race so viciously that even while this article was being written, twice the number of COVID cases jumped. According to statistics, the death cases have gone up to 690,787. The number of confirmed COVID 19 cases is 18,134,406. Though the recovered cases are reported as 11,406,170, the critical cases are still there, numbering 65,903. Until there is a vaccine or medicine for the cure, no one can predict when will the number of deaths due to COVID 19 will reduce.

Let’s have a look at the number of deaths caused due to train and plane crashes

We do look and compare the number of deaths due to COVID 19 Vs Accidents, but we cannot overlook the other causes of death. If compare to the rates of train and plane crashes with COVID 19 cases, the accidents turn out to be lesser. According to a study, in the year 2019, 287 deaths occurred due to air crashes. According to a study, closely 1000 deaths occur annually, due to train accidents. Both these numbers are far lesser than deaths due to COVID 19.

How will the governments be able to shoot down the number of deaths due to COVID?

Well, there are serious and stringent measures being taken by the government across the world to deal with the pandemic. We can see here some of the measures –

•            Border gates are closed.

•            International flights are suspended.

•            Restrictions have been placed on domestic flights.

•            Treatment of coronavirus is free in many countries.

Now, the situation becomes a little difficult in the countries where the governments are not able to provide proper medical equipment. A big challenge comes when the public doesn’t cooperate with the government’s instructions.

How far the governments can help reduce deaths due to accidents?

 Even though deaths due to COVID 19 Vs accidents is the focus right now, but other things also matter. Accidents worldwide have led to an increasing number of death cases.  According to a study, 3700 deaths occur every day due to accidents. This is not a less number and therefore requires intervention at every level. Measures that can be taken to reduce accidental deaths include – stringent traffic rules, heavy fines, tutorials of traffic dealing, building strong roads, and plan of action. All these measures will prove effective when implemented strictly.

Car Accidents Worldwide

Through the studies and statistics, it is proven that the public in low or middle-income countries faces a lot of road accidents. Facts reveal that only 60% of registered vehicles are there in such countries, but 90% of deaths due to road accidents occur. Before the COVID 19 pandemic broke, the governments focussed on lessening the deaths due to accidents. Even, the 2030 agenda for Sustainable Development Goals include the planning for reducing the number of deaths caused due to road accidents. The governments are ready to implement strict rules for this cause, once the coronavirus impact subsides.

Death cases due to COVID 19  worldwide

We have already seen the data about the number of cases of deaths due to COVID 19 worldwide. Covering the aspect of deaths due to COVID 19 Vs accidents, we can infer, that the number of death cases due to accidents has gone much down. But the increasing numbers of COVID 19 has created horrors throughout the world. The highest number of deaths have occurred in the USA with 158,180+282 (new deaths). The second-highest death rate is of Brazil -93,659+43(new deaths). The third highest death rate is in India- 38,161+758(new deaths).

The statistics are updated each day about the deaths due to COVID 19. Several types of research have reported that due lockdown duration saw a remarkable decrease in the number of deaths due to accidents of all kinds. For now,  the focus of the world is “when will the pandemic COVID 19 end?” The death toll of COVID 19 continues to grow in the present state, but it can be decreased if COVID 19 is dealt with strictly. This will happen only when all the medical urgencies are properly met and the numbers of cases of coronavirus are decreased. Will the human race will ever be able to defeat it?

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