BlogArt For Writers

Our foremost mission is to help writers in this field by providing guidance and our services such as training & Mediator’s program. We assure you that our service will give you a definite direction in this content writing field to have an increase in your growth.  

Mediator's Program

We provide paid working oppurtunities to writers who have joined BlogArt or have their portfolio on BlogArt. If you are one of our trained writer then you’ll be allowed to work with some of the best client that work with us. Hurry up join our BlogArt family now!

Internship For Beginner

There is a complete one month internship for you where you will learn everything about content writing from scratch. You will be getting a lot of good experience and many more perks. Click on “Apply Now” to Register yourself and know more about this internship.

Digitalization and E-portfolios

Digitization may be a method of changing the varied styles of information, like text, sound, image, or voice into a digitized format. Digitization features a verified impact on the economy and society by reducing state, rising quality of life, and boosting access to information and different public services.

 An electronic portfolio (e-portfolio) could be a purposeful assortment of sample one’s work, demonstrations, and artifacts that showcase an individual’s learning progression, accomplishment, and proof of what he/she is capable of doing. Nonetheless, as digitalization is growing at a very fast pace, e-portfolios are becoming a buzz in the market, as everyone is online and everyone needs simplicity in work yet fast. Therefore, an individual has to keep their desired work samples online, called an e-portfolio.

Get your portfolio now!

Benefits of becoming a writer

Being a writer comes with perks, like working severally, endless potential for income, and therefore the fulfillment of producing one thing artistic and distinctive. Writers add numerous roles and industries, from a print publication to medical and technical manual writing. whereas the varied roles are totally different, the work is mentally effortful instead of physically exerting. 

  1. Work at your own hours (freelancing).
  2. Get paid for something you love.
  3. Improves your verbal and written skills.
  4. You can choose your own clients according to your standard.
  5. You can work at your own pace.
  6. You can get fame and fortune.

There are endless benefits of becoming a writer, this list can go on.