Who Are We

Since the era of digitalization has started, there are many pros and cons people are witnessing. Yet in the industry of writing, the present and the future is becoming darker and darker. So, we are here for you, to guide you a path of light in the same industry. We are providing you the esteem digital platform for creating your attractive blogging platform.

Our Mission

Our foremost motive is to provide a digital platform for the writers who are struggling in this field of writing. Create your portfolio now , Work here with confidence, Build your work skills and enhance in the productivity of your talent.

What We Do

We are providing services on a digital form, from where our content writers will get a large mass of reach as well as preparing their portfolio for their future endeavors. This is a digital media platform that helps the struggling writers to give a kick start for their careers in the field of writing. 

The current situation of the writing industry is filled with plus no. Of writers, that means there are many and many writers. Some of them are good at writing, those people who make their careers in writing. But on the other side of the coin, some writers just want to make some money for a quite bit of time. They aren’t a full-time content writer. Such people tend to pollute the area of writing. Clients will hire those writers who have low PPW. That means they are hiring writers who are not actual writers. By this, worthy writers are getting neglected.

Blogart as a team, filter those writers into a category of GOOD WRITERS (who can work). We filter writers by our highly esteemed program of TRAINING. We teach everything, every aspect of writing. In the meantime of the training period, we get to analyze who is worthy and who is not. Out filtration process is very much biased. Our company’s whole and sole motive are to bring out the light in the writing industry and highlight the worthy writers.

Our History is a website that was created on 25th December,2019 by the founder, Mr. Shubham Kumbhakar managing with the website development team. The idea was to generate and encourage to new writers in the field. The website is in complete function with support of Editor, Miss Nupur Baluja and Mr. Sourav Katwal, Website manager and the admin Mr. Raj Rathore who has been working hard to make the website grow more. The Blogart entirely operates remotely and can be accessed from all devices.

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