Why is Google the best search engine?

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Google was launched in 1996 and it did not take much time to become one of the best search engines. It is one of the favorites in terms of its usage among users. Let us analyze why it is the most attractive search engine.

As we all know Google in terms of “Google Baba” slang not only because of the customized search that it provides and many other special search options such as weather predictions, conversions of units, currency and time, word pronunciation, etc. but also because it supplies the best results swiftly and with a good level of precision. 

This has led to Google becoming a trustworthy search engine among users. 

Let us see some reasons why is google one of the best search engines:

Relevant and accurate result-oriented  

Google is a highly appreciated search engine because of its ability to show high-quality results for every user search. The ability to understand search purposes or aims and providing the most relevant and accurate websites for user search is what makes Google stand out in the competition. This provides not only high satisfaction to users but helps in building it the leading search engine among many others.

Algorithms in determining the best search engine


Different search engines on the internet use different algorithms to determine which web pages are the most relevant for a particular search engine keyword, and which web pages should appear at the top of the search engine result page. So having relevancy is one of the most important aspects for search engines. Users prefer a search engine that will provide them with the best and most relevant results. Since Google’s algorithm provides the most relevant results it is among the best from others. 

Google search engine progression

google progression

Google’s homepage has progressed through history. When we have a look today at Google’s homepage it’s quite different and creative than it was when it was created in 1996. This is because of the unique and improved algorithms that it has been using which matches with users’ search relevancy which Google has created by several factors such as fresh content, links, accurate data, using social media for learning preferences, etc. 

Constantly updating and improving algorithms 

Google is constantly updating as well as improving its search results to adapt to user-preferred habits. Google’s search algorithm (technology for collecting relevant information) is constantly being developed to create better search results. It focuses on users, their intentions, and most important their satisfaction to the utmost level. It improves its algorithm through machine learning and human analysis. This is the way through which results are not inaccurate and it creates goodwill among users to keep coming back to this search engine. 

Image search engine 

Google has developed one of the finest image search engines with leading image content for users. Not only that, these images are the most relevant according to users’ search which makes them highly in demand. By using unique algorithms it has been able to allocate images based on user search. This has made all the difference in preference for Google as the search engine in high demand. Google’s image search has a massive information center that provides users with content and is also user-friendly. 

Google Ads providing better market

Google allows businesses to advertise on their search engine. As not everyone has a marketing team to build the best SEO practices. This where Google Ads can be helpful. Google Ads allows businesses to create text-friendly Ads faster and in publishing them on Google networks. These Ads have keywords that attract customers and guide them to their pages.

While this can be a costly affair, it’s the most efficient way to generate traffic to a site. 

Google Analytics 

Google Analytics is a free measure that is provided by Google that permits you to view data about the visitors that approach your website. It is a great apparatus for understanding areas of your site that attract users to it. It’s also a useful mechanism if you’re creating a profile of your ideal customer. With all the information in your hand, you can create better content and enhance your site so that it can rank better. 

Local Search for more users presence

Google used location-based advantages for more users presence by local search. Local search enabled a level playing field for businesses to be able to be found for their offered products and services based on how far they were from their users. Google provided the users with improved results based on their search aims and their local presence. This has been a crucial aspect in leading google to become the all-in-one source for local searches. 

Choice offers to users 

Google has plenty of sites in its inbound index. It is quicker in picking up new sites than any other engines can do. So users can search the latest content either its news, sites or images, etc. Therefore we will have better results as we have more to choose from.  

Speed it offers to users

Google is usually faster than other search engines at providing us with results. It can provide millions of search results in just flashes of seconds. This infrastructure of technical sorts has provided google with an extra advantage over other search engines. 


Thus Google has used every nook and corner to make its search engine the best and the leading. From improvised algorithms to showcasing relevant and customized results to using many different parameters to be in demand. It has been and will be progressing as we can say from examples such as providing unique algorithms from time to time, providing users with creative and updated content, working on niche areas like Google ads, image search engine, local search, and of course the number of choices that it offers to users, marketers or businesses. Last but not least the speed that is offered is nowhere to be matched with other search engines. 

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