Best techniques and tips for self-defense for women

self defense techniques

Every other day, women look for the best self-defense techniques and tips to face unforeseen dangers. Do you think women dream of solo trips? No. How could they when even a solo-walk possess threats? The society is becoming more progressive day by day. And the thoughts in our minds are getting revolutionized. Yet a safe world for women is far out of reach. Conversely, it is getting dangerous day by day. And waiting for society to get better to go out is meaningless and a waste of time. It is better to be aware of the techniques and tips that will help to defend yourself. For either escaping from a threatening situation or fighting through it, these tips will help you.

Tips and techniques to escape hand grabs:

You are confronted with the attacker. What is the first thing you would try to do? Runaway, of course!! And what would the attacker do? Yes, he would grab your hands. He may grab either one hand or two hands.

 When one hand is grabbed, turn your hand towards the side of the grabber’s thumb. The thumb side is weak compared to the four fingers side. Pull in out as fast as you can.

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When both the hands are grabbed, move little towards the attacker and repeat the same technique used for the single hand grab.

What to do if the attacker holds from the back?

Attackers try to attack from the backside most of the time. Attacking or grabbing from the back is the most favorable technique for them. It’s because we can’t attack them and use any self-defense equipment in that position. Most of us get shocked and stunned at the moment of grab. Here are the techniques of self-defense to free yourself from the back grab.

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First, bend back hitting the nose. Then bend down forward. Try grabbing the leg of the attacker. And pull his legs with all your strength. This makes the attacker lose balance, stumble, and fall.

The technique of self-defense for side-grab:

Consider a scenario where you are trying to escape a single hand grab and run away. The hand grab release technique fails and the attacker pulls you. You are grabbed from the side now. What will you do to escape the side grab? Follow the given self-defense technique to escape from the attacker.

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Elbows can be used to free yourself from side grab effectively. First with your elbow hit the face with all you might. Then without any delay, using your elbow attack the groin. You can also attack his stomach with your elbow.

Attacking techniques for front grab:

Next to the back grab, the front grab is more terrifying for the victim. It’s because this grab feels like you are under complete control of the attacker. But remember being face to face is an advantage. You can use any weapons or self-defense equipment to attack. To free yourself from the front gap you can use the following self-defense technique.

self defense

If there is no gap between the attacker and you, clasp your hands together in front. This creates a gap and you can kick his groin. You can also use your head to hit his nose.

Remember the crucial and weak parts:

Other self-defense tips and techniques might not strike your mind when you are in a panic. Your mind will not also be calm to recollect the techniques in detail. Even if you recollect the techniques, you may be too shocked to put them into action in the sequence. In such conditions, you can remember this important tip and technique. There are weak parts of the human body that can be attacked. Eyes, nose, throat, chest, groin, and knees are the weak points. Even if you can’t remember sequential attacks, try attacking these parts. This gives time to escape.

Be aware and cautious:

Women of this century have numerous responsibilities. Lifestyle and working time have changed. With these changes, it has become unavoidable for women from getting into a possibly dangerous situation. But there are things that women could learn as a tip and adapt as a self-defense technique. Nothing is as helpful as ‘intuition’ for a woman. It’s a gift from nature. Intuition plays a major role in self-defense. You must be cautious and aware of situations and happenings around you. With awareness, you can naturally sense a possible threat and you can avoid getting into it.

Why is shouting for help not embarrassing?

There may be situations where the help is possibly near. When you are caught in a dangerous situation, it is better to shout for help. Your sound will reach the people who are in and around the place. When you shout out for help, two good things might happen. One, the person attacking you will get distracted. It might leave him in fear and confusion. And two, the help will arrive to rescue you. This will either make your side stronger or will make the attacker flee away. Erase the feeling of embarrassment from your mind.

Carry self-defense products:

An important tip on self-defense for women is to carry selfdefense products. Self-defense products are of great help to women at adverse conditions. What is a common self-defense product you know? We all would probably shout in chorus “Pepper spray!” But there are varieties of other products in the market. 

‘Stun gun’ can be used to produce a high voltage beam against the attacker. ‘Handy flashlights’ that produce 180 lumens light that causes temporary blindness. Understanding the working technique will help in the effective handling of equipment. Keep them in places you can access easily during danger.

Using objects to attack:

It’s safe to have self-defense products with you all the time. There may be some occasions where you use different bags. Or when shifting the things between two bags you forget the products. This might happen in case of urgent packing. You completely forget the products and now you are caught in a dangerous situation. What would you do? You should not waste your time regretting it. Be smart and think of the objects you have. Keys serve as the best fist-attack tools. You can also use your bag and umbrella for attacking or as a shield.

How do self-defense classes help?

Learning self-defense from proper trainers and training centers is highly recommended. These self-defense classes help you learn a variety of self-defense techniques. Self-defense classes make you apply the techniques. Practicing helps you become better at defenses. They teach you effective techniques like ‘Krav Maga’ and traditional Indian martial arts.

With the learning from these classes, you can effectively tackle dangerous situations. They prepare you both mentally and physically to face dangerous situations. Many women admit that these classes have increased their level of confidence. Investing in personal safety is the best gift you give to yourself.

The world is witnessing more rapes. We hear molestation stories more often from one or another person. It is much frightening even to hear. Remember how bad and terrifying it would be, being in the situation. What happened one day to others may happen to you another day. This is why you must be prepared at any time. You must be ready to face the situation. Familiarise the tips and techniques of self-defense mentioned above. Train your mind to be calm and composed in threatening situations. You can have safety apps, search and buy a few other self-defense products. Try your best to have a company most time. Try avoiding lonely roads and other less safe areas or streets.

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