Best ways to write a blog

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Here are some of the best ways to write a blog, Its’s highly recommended to follow these steps with each blog at a time for best experience. Write blog with their respective guideline in addition of previous blog’s guidelines, at the end you will be able to write perfect SEO-Friendly blog with perfect format.

Here you will learn how to write the desired blog for client. A short training will let you know about the basic formula for perfect blogging.


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To start your article, you should know how to write and what parameters to follow. This will make your writing easy and readable for the audience.

You should have command over the English language. 

Make sure you are grammatically correct. 

Make sure you check your every spelling. 

The perfect vocabulary you can use while writing. 

This will help you in your content and making your article error-free.

Best ways to write an attractive article

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Writing an article is not just about putting your words into a sentence and making it a long essay to read. The article has other parameters also which makes the readers engaged throughout the blog. Make your article informative and attractive so that your audience may wonder how incredible writer you are.

Things to keep in mind while making an attractive and informative blog.

Input some quotes that suit your article topic. Don’t forget to give credit to the quote author. 

You can always provide your article with numeric data. This will make your article informative.

Your article may also have “Did you know facts” this will create a massive impact and readers will love your content.   

Note: Before writing or giving any facts or statistical data, make sure you cross verify by researching through the other websites. Don’t give false information.

What is a perfect blog?

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The format is a vital part of blogging. Without following any format no audience will be able to recognize your work or will not be able to read it at ease.

Formatting is necessary as it makes your article look organized. To know the format, click here and go through only the blog formula section rest will be covered later.

How to make your blog recognized by Google?

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By adding Key-phrase in blog, Google will analyse and rank your blog with that key-phrase.

Key-phrase are combination of two or more than two words that is highly related to the content, if it’s not related to content then google won’t rank our page. If you add primary as well as secondary keyphrase in their required position they will get analysed by Google and in this way you can rank your particular Blog. Click here to learn, how to do proper key phrase research. After this you will be able to choose and place key-phrase easily.

How to give your blog a final touch?

To give a final touch is another important aspect of blogging.

Once you have written the whole content, read your blog thoroughly and re-correct the errors (if any). Things to keep in mind for a final touch.

Input at least 3 images related to your topic. It will give a picturization of your article, which is important. An article, only with long sentences and paragraphs will bore your readers. Images in between will give your readers an idea about the blog. For more information click here.

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