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The effects of social media are the defect of present-day’s youth. We all are very much aware of ‘Introvert’ and ‘extrovert’ personality. What we don’t know is a majority of youth claim themselves as introverted. The reason is that they are somewhere busy in the corner with their androids. Busy either in gaming or reading fanfictions. Busy in uploading stories, posting statuses. The fallouts or effects of social media are so big that it has turned into a business

Writing fanfictions is a kind of business, creating new insta-filters is business. So much so that terms like-‘Instagram influencer’ and ‘paid collaborations’ came into existence. All thanks to social media and its different effects. Youth no longer believes in hard work and struggle, this is the new era of ‘ INSTANT GRATIFICATION’, where juvenile does not stay put for fruit earned by hard work, rather the money, power,  fame, and the success should be next to their door.   

Negative effects of Social media

 Youth, irrespective of any country has been drowning and being swallowed by the negative effects of social media. It almost attacks every single aspect of our life. It is youth’s mentality and tendency to be independent on entities they believe in and social media becomes one. Now there are numerous negative effects of social media. It assaults juveniles physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Any nation’s most important possession is being consumed in a vicious void when it is being converted into the same nation’s liability. Various studies and researches suggest that youth can make an important discovery utilizing the time they spend on social media. Social media is negatively affecting us as it is cleverly dominating us. Over that, we are foolishly being enslaved by someone who was created to serve us.  

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Emotional effects of social media

people connected through social media

Youth is emotionally effected by social media as it is devotionally interested in it. Human beings are social animals. We need the fellowship of fellow others to prosper in our vitality and existence. The power of our connections has a huge consequence on our mental health and satisfaction. There are multiple emotional effects of social media. Being socially attached to others can ease pressure uncertainty, despair, and heighten self-worth. It can provide solace and joy, eradicate loneliness, and even add blissful years to our lives.

On the flip viewpoint, lacking vital social relationships can lead to severe risk to your emotional and mental health. From here the emotional effects of social media come in the picture. Ironically social media was supposed to bring people closer. Devoting too much time immersing in social media can actually make you think that you are more deserted and isolated—and intensify mental health difficulties such as depression and anxiety. 

Physical effects of social media.

There are a lot of physical effects of social media on youth as its usage is unethical.  Phones in my hand and earphones in my ears, and enter my own world, forgetting that I have a real realm to live in. Roles to play towards my family. The physical effects of social media should be sufficient to make anyone get out of their “So-called world”. It affects our posture adversely. Spending hours on phone, tweeting useless hashtags actually results in neck pain and causes pain in our muscle and bone. Thus resulting in the physical effects of social media.

Many ophthalmologists are confused that why social is media so important as teenagers forget their eye health while using it. Yes, damaged retinas are the result of exposure of direct light from coming from mobile phones. These physical effects of social media are the wizards of low productivity.

Positive effects of social media

Image showing landing on a start up
Social Media can be a platform to anyone

Surprising, but yes, there are positive effects of social media as well. Exploring the social media and playing with it often makes adolescents completely ignorant and naïve towards how one can make optimum utilization of this modern monster-“social media”. The rare but existing positive effects of social media provide us with a completely unique design of social media. Now, these positive effects of social media when you realize that it can also be used for the ethical cause.  A sole hashtag like-







Now, these mere hashtags envisioned so many minds and educated so many mentalities that not even a speaker in the box could have done it. All these insights no doubt come under the positive effects of social media. It gives you an easy and lenient strategy to present your content. Social media keeps you updated with the latest notifications by merely visiting some technology-driven Instagram accounts.

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Social media needs Equilibrium 

We often hear many prominent and distinguished celebrities often “taking a break” from social media platforms. When asked/interviewed the reason to do so, they often respond that how much they needed a break from negativities spread across beautifully on social media. At the same time, you can read a quote or a story of a woman of color that can fill you with motivation and morale to bring a change and difference in civilization and federation.

You get a new image filter, you click photos with that filter and upload it. There will be comments, comments filled with appreciation, comments recharged with toxic thoughts, and while some injected with a reality check. It completely depends on you how well you handle your feedback. Be jolly over the good comments and be gloomy over the nasty comments or maybe sit back and improve your work based on those real and frank comments. Effects of social media prevail everywhere

Social Media and Youth

We can confess and we won’t be wrong when we say that youth confides in social media. It has become their beacon of life. They keep it safe and secure as such that their very existence runs on these social media platforms. The reason for their such behavior is their productivity and creativity thrive and rides on social media. The decreasing level of white-collar jobs has forced them to survive in this social media circus. They aren’t left with any choice but to make out a career through these social forums and the internet community.

Teenagers often seek validation from their peers and buddies, and social media is a loose means to obtain validation. They often try to fit in and almost forgetting their one true-self, and for this “fit-in” process social media is their helping hand. Social media helps in making best friends, social media sometimes is the best friend. 

More on social media and youth

You get to follow your idol and admire their every single next move, but avoiding your roles and responsibilities towards your family. Social media and youth live on each other’s presence as they both need each other to prevail. Technology made us free but at the same time, it made teenagers sluggish.

A photo can calm a tormented soul, a photo can also disturb a conscience deeply. There are a few more positive effects of social media. In this ‘Make in India’ era where every growing student dreams of becoming an entrepreneur, one might wonder how to promote and publicize one’s business. Social media steps up and makes marketing and expanding way more cheap and efficient. The effects of social media do not stop there. Teenage is filled with rosy dreams, moods, enthusiasm to maybe conquer the world but this is also the time to make your world and your reality.

Youth and Internet community

Youth could be politicians, youth could be rebels, youth can lead to mutiny, youth could lead to an uprising. It completely depends upon their upbringing on how they will turn out to be. But aren’t you forgetting something, it’s not that parents or the guardians are the ones who nurture the children. Social media and the internet community take a toll on adolescents and it is the current trend that they will follow rather than the strict teachings.

The emotional effects of social media can be a major niche in any fresh mind. The youth does not shy away from presenting their ongoing political scenarios and situations. They are very straight forward in presenting their views. The real world can be biased to them but the online community serves them and their opinions by heart. Surely there are physical effects of social media but the same social media gives them gym-classes online as well.

In a nutshell

There was a time when many people used to believe in mighty entities like Ratan Tata, Audrey Hepburn, Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey. Now if you were to ask any teenager, probably they would respond with names like ‘Carryminati’ or  ‘TikTok’ or maybe some famous Pubg player. In today’s civilization, quite many of us depend on social media such as Snapchat Twitter, Facebook, Instagram to discover each other. While each has its privileges, it’s significant to think back that social media can never be a substitute for the real-world human alliance.

The effects of social media may or may not have made youth lose their substantial intent. Social media, however, distances youngsters from reality and tangles them in a world non- existing. No doubt that social media has both negative and positive effects. So just like the balance that we create in our personal and professional life, the same balance is needed when we talk about social media.

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