Growth of Digital Media in 2020

growth of digital media

Digital media is a media that can be viewed on-screen and is encoded in a machine-readable format. Digital media is different from print media. Digital media includes websites, video games, social media sites, but print media includes newspapers, books, print scripts, etc. The prevalence of digital media and its effect on society indicates a new start in the era of technology. Print media is lagging behind digital media. The more are the users on a platform, and the more is the opportunity to earn money. Digital media is creating huge revenue from advertisements.

Why is digital media important? 

How, if we say, the conversion rate is directly proportional to revenue? Yes, it is. The higher the conversation rate, the higher will be revenue because digital media helps you to strengthen your online presence. It’s needless to go door to door, sharing pamphlets, pasting templates to sell a product or service. Digital media includes Social media, and the latter plays a crucial role in making the online presence of your company a strong one. This, in turn, makes your company/service a Brand! A Brand is one that serves quality products to huge people. 

What is the best digital media? 

There are three types of digital media. The first is owned media, second is paid media, and the third is earned media. Out of which owned media is best because you have your control here, for example- a website. Paid and earned media are good for business, too, but Own media domains others. 

How has digital media grown in recent years? 

Well, digital media has increased at rapid rates in recent years. It is a highly demanding platform for advertisements. From 2018 to 2019, it has gone up at 26%, and from 2019 to the end of 2020, it is expected to increase at a rate of 27% to reach 17,377. The year 2019 was a

A bit challenging for India. These were the reports published by DAN ( Dentsu Aegis Network). The main reason for this rapid change is the ease of using technology and cost-effective approach with high customized reach. 

What is the importance of the growth of digital media? 

As the internet facility is sighing, more people spend their time online. We are frequent in using search bars, checking social media notifications, and enjoying E-commerce sites, and these all are the gifts of digital media. Digital media can be easily stored, copied, edited, or modified. It plays a crucial role in providing learning opportunities, social connectivity, speed communication, Automation, and many more, you just name it! All these qualities contribute to making the growth of digital media an important one. 

How far can the growth of digital media be anticipated? 

2019 was a year of ups and downs, but better opportunities and challenges are expected to rise in the year 2020. Social media comes under digital media, and it is undoubtedly not fading away in the coming years. So there will be considerable engagements in the future over digital media. 

Is digital media the right career choice?

The internet connectivity and presence of online audiences are booming day by day, so digital media is undoubtedly a solid career choice. It possesses exciting opportunities and requires a willingness to learn and a super creative mind. 

What are the qualities of a digital media expert? 

Since the field of digital media is highly dynamic, so it requires a man to be proactive, long visioned, energetic, and highly creative to master this field. But obviously, experience with these skills will make him an expert! 

Why does digital media fail at times? 

Lack of awareness, inactive team, lack of research lead to a major failure. It applies not only to digital media but in every field. So, digital media should identify the mistakes and double-check everything because errors in business are “blunders.” 

What is the difference between digital media and print media? 

It’s too simple to understand the difference. Digital media is whatever you can read on-screen, but print media won’t show up on the screen. It’s refreshing to see one as a hard copy and other as soft. 

Which is better for advertisements? 

It is about advertisements or entertainment, and digital media is ahead of print media. It was not always like this. The introduction of 4G data services played a significant role in this. Sooner or later, 5G data services are likely to get introduced, which will again boost digital media, and we know next, the sky is the limit.


Either a startup or a well-established business brand, digital media will rock it hard. It’s the best option as it is highly updated, cost-effective, and less time-consuming. The results are much more profit-oriented. The ubiquitousness of Digital media has higher chances to grow and suppress other media. It’s transparent what and why it should be chosen! 

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