How Coronavirus can become a business in the future?

Business from Corona Virus

“Life is like an ice-cream. Enjoy before it melts”. We have heard this phrase so many times at so many places during the course of our conversations. It very aptly captures the beautiful essence of life.

And lol! How it corroborates the current scenario. It was just a few days back when we were happy, elated, excited, and welcomed the year 2020 with a bang! We were ready with our checklist of new hopes, aspirations, and goals we desire. Life was just going on smoothly. Till one fine day we heard about a six letter word called CORONA” which has turned our world upside down.

In a fraction of second, everything around us crashed. We were grappled with fear, anxiety, despair, destitute, and uncertainty because of the corona. All our dreams were shattered and we are now struggling for our own existence forgetting about everything else. The pandemic CORONA is the epicenter of our lives now.

But slowly and steadily people have begun to accept the fact that Corona is here to stay. It is going to be a part of our lives and they will have to fight this demon. The feeling of fear has paved the way for hope and optimism that everything will be fine soon. We shall overcome the havoc created by this pandemic called Corona and emerge victorious.

The only way to curtail the spread of COVID 19 is to find a vaccine that can cure a person of the ill effects of corona permanently. Many countries are tirelessly and rapidly working towards creating a vaccine that will save millions of lives. This is where the real game begins.

The race for power, supremacy, and authority, and most importantly for money will begin now. Whichever Country will be successful first in developing the vaccine early will decide who will get the advantages of the vaccine first and who will not. And this is how Corona will become a business in the future. But how is it really going to work?. Let us find out:

How CoronaVirus can become business in future:

For the past few days we have been hearing words like “Lockdown”, “Pandemic”, “Epicenter”, “Self Quarantine”, “Social distancing” which were totally alien to us until a few days back. In almost all parts of the world, due to the sudden and rapid spread of the Coronavirus disease, a lockdown was announced. It is more like a curfew, where the movement of the public is restricted. They are prohibited to step outside their homes.

All the businesses are shut. This step is essential as CoronaVirus is believed to be spreading fast via community transmission. Moreover, the symptoms of the disease are almost unrecognizable. You will even get infected from a normal-looking person (who is termed as asymptomatic).

Once infected, you are sure to pass on the infection to all the people who come in close contact with you. To stop the rapid spread of the disease and to break the chain of Corona Virus being transmitted from one person to another, Lockdown was announced in almost all the countries. By doing this, close contacts were avoided, and thereby an attempt was made to stop the community spread of the disease.

But one should understand that lockdown is just a temporary measure adopted by all the countries for blocking /delaying the fatality rate. It is a measure taken to contain the spread of the disease as the disease spreads rapidly through community transmission. It cannot be continued permanently.

Firstly we do not know the duration for which this needs to be implemented. Secondly, this is not practically viable. It will have adverse psychological & economic implications if implemented in the long run.

Already World economies have collapsed and people are having mental issues because of the solitude they have experienced during this lockdown period. The only permanent cure to combat Corona Virus is developing a vaccine. For this, we should first understand what a vaccine is.

A virus is a vaccine taken from other organisms. Your reaction will be “what”? We are already dealing with a deadly virus called CORONA and now one more virus?. Relax. This virus is artificially made very weak. In this vaccine, the virus from the chimpanzee is combined with the virus from the Corona and injected in the form of vaccine in the human body. When this vaccine gels with your body cells, they will activate T cells which will help in destroying the cells infected with Corona.

Currently, many big Pharmaceutical companies and research centers are in the process of developing this vaccine. But the research conducted by Oxford University in London is believed to be closest to creating the vaccine successfully.

This is primarily for 2 reasons:

There was a disease MERS (Middle East respiratory Syndrome) which  had occurred about 8 years ago worldwide. This had the same symptoms as that of CORONA. Vaccine developed by Oxford University was successful in curing this disease.

The vaccine is designed in such a way that it can be produced on a large scale. i.e. in bulk quantity.

The first batch is likely to come out by September 2020.

No other alternative

Currently, there is no other alternative treatment available to cure CoronaVirus. Efforts have been made to use certain Antiviral therapies, but results are not satisfactory. If vaccines are the only cure for CORONA and if no treatment is effective against it, then are people going to die like this till the vaccine is available? Why is there a delay when so much research is going on and there is so much advancement in technology? The reason is simple. Corona Virus has become a business for the future.

All the big Pharmacy companies want to mint money. A global project has been planned to create a vaccine to cure Corona. The entire world wants to make use of artificial intelligence in mapping/digitally scanning all the chemicals using databases of chemicals available with the big pharmacy companies. But these pharmacy companies are reluctant in sharing the database of chemicals as they are suspicious of chemical formulas being stolen.

Some big names like IBM have given permission to use their supercomputers to digitally scan these chemicals. But research cannot be done until the Pharmacy companies share the data pertaining to the chemicals.

Another roadblock is the political war that is erupting over ownership of taking the credit for developing the vaccine. German Company curevac is engaged in developing the vaccine. It has accused the USA of illegally purchasing the company so that the USA can proclaim its rights once the vaccine is made. On the other hand, the USA administration says that they just wanted to collaborate on the project to speed up the process.

This is not the first time such a pandemic has been politicized in history. In 1996 when there was an outbreak of HIV/AIDS, America had developed antiretroviral treatment. It has established the patent over the treatment which means that those who want to use this medicine will have to pay certain fees.

Between 1996 – 2004, this drug was sold at a very high cost. The cost was so high that it was very difficult to buy this in most of the African countries and in India. It was priced at about 5.5L at that time. Later due to the availability of alternative medicines and International pressure, the treatment became more affordable.

Pandemic like Corona is a bane to mankind which should be fought collectively as it has become a threat to the very existence of mankind. But unfortunately, such a grave calamity like Corona is lapped up by some super-rich, elite people as an opportunity to mint money. Coronavirus has become a business for them .

They are coming up with some fancy ways to wear masks or claiming to produce distinctively different herbal, pure, chemical-free, eco-friendly sanitizers to safeguard against the ill effects of Corona. Some are even going to the extent of offering protective face shields and gloves against Corona.

One might say that these are the basic things that are the need of the hour. So what is the big deal? Absolutely right. But when some elite, influential people try to sell these bare essentials as fashion accessories, status symbols, labeling them as designer pieces, selling them at skyrocketing prices, thereby making a mockery of a morbid disease like Corona. One is certainly compelled to think if a tragedy and pandemic like CoronaVirus can really become a business in the future?

In a nutshell,

 nothing can stop the Corona Virus from becoming a business in the future. Humanity has taken a back seat. There are very high stakes involved in terms of money, power, authority, status.

Everyone wishes to take the credit for developing the vaccine. Which is the only viable solution to put an end to a pandemic like a corona? We can just hope that keeping aside this hollow, cunning economics of turning Corona Virus into a business in the future, we show little compassion, love, care, kindness, and understanding towards each other.

Human lives should be more precious than anything else. The entire world will cease to exist if there is no human race alive to be a part of it!. In a mad rush and desire to regain supremacy and make huge amounts of money some companies are encasing diseases like CoronaVirus. This lust should stop right here.

No compromise should be made while saving lives. We will just be left with sordid tales of human aspirations of greed for power and money to be shared. Humanity should prevail irrespective of religion, country, caste, creed, and language.  Otherwise, that day is not far off, when Coronavirus can become a business in the future for many.  

Stay safe, stay indoors!

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