How to learn effectively from self-help books- 10 promising tips

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Self-help books are written with the motive of guiding and helping you solve problems in your self-development journey. Despite all the hype given for the self-help books, you might have one big question, “Do they work?” It depends on how effectively you learn from them. So here are 10 promising tips for effective learning from the self-help books.

Are you picking the ‘right book’?

Choose a book that is right for you. In case you are wondering, the right book is the one that addresses the problems ‘you’ have. Reading the title of contents will help you know if it suits you. Choosing right is the important step that makes the difference.

Why is ‘belief’ important?

You can never succeed at something if you doubt it. Believing in the author is the untold but crucial rule in reading the self-help books. If you don’t believe in the author, his techniques will never work out for you. Ensure that you believe before you begin.

Why is slow-paced reading recommended?

Do you read self-help books like you read your novels? Yes? It’s time to change your reading pace. Never hurry while you read the book. Slow-paced reading gives time for processing the information. It helps in better understanding of ideas and techniques. With better understanding comes better performance. 

Take notes: yes write that down

Writing down the key points from the book in your own words will give you a better insight. Have a note and pen with you whenever you read. It’s good to allot a separate note solely for a particular book. If you write it down, you remember it more.

How do sticky notes motivate you?

Sticky notes are cute, colorful, and fancy. They easily catch your attention, don’t they? Write down a motivating message or influencing quote you love from the book. Stick them in prominent places. They remind you to focus on your goals and keep you motivated whenever you see them.

How does re-reading help?

Sometimes you don’t understand what the book is conveying. Take a break. Re-reading it another time will enhance your understanding. You can also re-read a portion you understood well. You will be surprised by the fresh perspectives you get. Re-reading also helps you stay true to your purpose.

Implement one at a time:

Most self-help books come with exercises and tasks. Yay! Tasks are exciting, aren’t they? But don’t let the excitement get you. Doing everything at once will only lead to inefficiency and failure. One task at a time you keep one step forward, you are closer to success.

Keep practicing:

It’s natural to fail a few times when you try to change your way of life. We all fail in coping to change. Changes are inconvenient. Humans are always resistive to changes. All you need is patience. Don’t hesitate to retry. Keep practicing until you succeed at it.

What will journaling help you see?

Journaling is the process of recording your feelings in your routine of life. Journaling when you are in the path of self-improvement will let you know your progress. It will help you understand what hinders your development thereby helping you overcome the blocks and hindrances in the path.

Form Groups:

Forming groups of people who are on the same journey help you stay motivated. Find people who are reading the same books as you do. Meet them once in a while. Discussions with such people will let you see different perspectives and gives you new techniques to succeed.

Yes! You are ready now, ready to put yourself on the self-development journey, ready to pick a self-help book and make the most of it. You can follow other tips like reading reviews about the book and getting to know more about the author to develop faith. But remember that you follow every tip mentioned here. All the best!

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