Mental health is the real wealth

Mental Health

 “Strength does not come from physical capacity, it comes from an indomitable will”- Mahatma Gandhi 

Mental health should never be ignored. It is truly said, when there’s a will, there is a way. Stronger the will power” better mental health. The news of Sushant Singh Rajput was a sudden twinge for many of us. He left us with a vile actuality of Bollywood. He was the one who blew the whistle on the pessimism of Bollywood. Even though Bollywood looks like a world of fantasy and glamour. Sushant Singh Rajput unmasked the truth of Bollywood. A physically ill person can be recovered if he/she is mentally capable of dealing with illness. This shows despite being physically ill, still victory can be achieved if you are fit as a flea.

What is mental health?

“What mental health need is more sunlight, more candor, and more unashamed conversation”-Glenn Close

 Mental health is something that is responsible for the way you behave, the way you think, and is responsible for your emotional well being. Mental health is affected and can affect your usual environment, relationship, physical health, and hormonal balances. You can be fit as a flea when you have an even-steven or say the balance between your personal and professional life. Mental health is not confined to being happy or sad. Being fit as a flea means you are able to boost enough beef to withstand a sudden change. We are living in a world where everyone is just running insanely in order to achieve success. We need more psychiatrists who can help us when we are having any mental disorder. Leonard Louis Levinson defined psychiatrists as “predictor of motives”.

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Depression and it’s symptoms 

Today I’m feeling low, not in the mood to do something, not interested in it anymore, everything is so sick, these are the types of phrases we hear often. The intuition behind these phrases can be sadness or mortification but when these condolences survive for long, our survival gets into trouble as we start living in depression. We ignore the significance of being fit as a flea. Some of its symptoms are:

  • You start liking to be alone, you withdraw yourself from enjoyable activities. 
  • Being around people becomes irritable for you.
  • Irregular sleeping patterns. 
  • You think you are responsible for whatever bad happens.
  • Lack of enthusiasm and concentration.
  • You become a bewildered person. 
  • Hallucinations 
  • Every now and then you have mood swings.
  • Continuously thinking about negative thoughts.

Causes of depression or any mental illness?

There are several reasons for mental illnesses or depression:

  • Psychological trauma- Starting with what is psychological trauma? Psychological trauma can be defined as dementia caused after going through a series of stressful events. People suffering from psychological trauma would prefer self-isolation and will not be engaged in enjoyable activities. They may have disturbing nightmares, panic attacks, lack of concentration, irritability and they continue to live in angst and hesitancy. 
  • Adverse childhood experience- Childhood is a beautiful chapter we have in our book of life. But when our childhood experience is like the worst nightmare and we don’t forget it, it becomes baggage for us. The longer you will carry it, the more you will be deprived of the happiness you deserve.
  • Genetic predisposition- If simply defined, genetic predisposition means the disease you inherit from your parents. Like the habits and the way we look are gifts from our parents in the same way genetic predisposition is a curse passed from generations. If any or both the parents were mentally ill then but obviously the child will face mental illness.
  • Social environment- The environment in which you live, undoubtedly affects your way of living and the way you think. Being financially unsound or belonging to such a group that is not being accepted by society, affects you mentally. You start feeling that you are worthless and this is when you are in depression. 
  • Biological factors – Even if your parents weren’t mentally ill still you can have mental disorders. The disorder will be the result of your hormonal imbalances. 

Common mental health disorders 

  • Anxiety disorder – It is one name behind which there are several mentally ill conditions. Some symptoms of this disorder are- panic, fear, dizziness,  nausea, tense muscle and an unrest mind. Types of anxiety disorder are:
  • Panic disorder-  Due to panic disorder or panic attack you create a hypothetical situation in which you are facing something terrifying. 
  • Social anxiety disorder- It’s normal to get nervous when you are going to face a group of people. But when that nervousness for you is too much to handle then you are having social anxiety disorder. 
  • Specific phobias- Specific phobias mean fear which lasts long from a specific thing or situation. 
  • Mood disorder – This disorder is the cause of the emotional disturbances which adversely affect your mood. It is due to this disorder you feel that committing suicide is the only and the best way to deal with the problems. Examples of mood disorder are:
  1. Major depressive disorder – It is characterized by extreme and prolonged melancholy and misery.
  2. Bipolar disorder- people suffering from bipolar disorder have massive mood swings. Either they are too happy or they are too sad.
  3. Seasonal affective disorder(SAD)- This kind of depression happens only in a particular season may because of particular weather features.
  4. Cyclothymic disorder- It’s almost as a bipolar disorder the only difference is that it is less extreme than bipolar disorder. 
  5. Dysthymia- It’s a persistent form of depression. 
  • Schizophrenia disorder- It’s a disorder that affects the strength of a person to think, feel, understand, behave, and react. Hallucination is a symptom of this disorder. If no one in the family ever had schizophrenia then there is less than a 1% chance that the person will have schizophrenia. 

Solution of depression 

  • Workout every day for 15 to 30 minutes. When you do exercise your mind is distracted from the negative thoughts you had in your mind. Doing dance or doing other exercises will make you more active and positive and will improve your mental health.
  • Eat what is healthy and delicious. “There is no sincere love than the love of food”- George Bernard Shaw. Don’t overeat, eat to get proper nourishment. 
  • We all use social media, so to get happiness why not look for funny memes and comedy videos, which may make our mood cheerful.
  • Talk to get all your worries out of you. Express your pain. Don’t feel you are alone.
  • Be optimistic. It will help you to gain confidence and trust.
  • Do something creative and harmless. Try something new to know that neither you were nor you are worthless. 
  • Don’t be a machine, but definitely get a routine and avoid irregular sleeping habits.
  • Listen to your heart. Follow your dreams with passion. This will make you feel happy and content.
  • Don’t forget your hobbies. If you have any hobbies like singing, dancing, painting, watching movies, cooking or anything just do it. It will give you immense happiness.
  • Don’t overthink. Don’t be scared of the future.
  • Talk to the people who love you unconditionally.
  • Understand that being fit as a flea is very crucial for our survival.
  • Consult a psychiatrist without any hesitation to become fit as a flea.
  • When you are in depression you are not able to resemble enough strength to be happy in just a try but what we should do is keep trying.

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Be a silver lining…

If you are in depression then be a ray of hope for yourself. If you succeed in generating self-love then more than half of your problem finishes. Truly said by Robert Morley-” to fall in love with yourself is the first secret of happiness”. However, if not you but someone around you is going through depression, then be a helping hand. Listen to them because it’s better to hear them than to lose them. By hearing them you can give them the boon of life. Although psychiatrists have hyped pay still depressed people talk to them as a drowning man will even clutch a straw. Your family will never charge you, so you should talk to them. They are the one who understands your silence as well.

People in depression feel isolated so as a society it’s our responsibility to look behind the fake smile, accept people, and help them. No one should be suffering from FOMO ( Fear Of Missing Out). Let’s not judge people who talk about their mental health rather encourage them. 


Sushant Singh Rajput left us with tears, told us the dark side of Bollywood but also drew our attention towards the importance of mental health. Let’s make people aware that depression is not a choice. Being financially sound is not enough to be happy. It’s important to tell people that the one suffering from depression is not a psycho. It’s high time to be a shoulder on which if not everyone then at least our families and friends can cry upon. We need to understand that we should always be there for each other. 

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