7 Off-Page SEO Techniques That You Shouldn’t Miss


Are you a business owner or a blogger with an attractive website but your site doesn’t attract much traffic and has less visibility in the search engines? Having a website with fewer visitors is like opening a store without customers. If you have a website or an online store, it is essential to have your target audience at least visit your site. This where search engine optimization (SEO) helps you to get organic traffic to your website from search engines. By applying the techniques of SEO, you can bring relevant and more traffic to your website through various search engines. 

Why is SEO important?

why seo is important

The main purpose of a website is to attract more quality visitors who could be your potential customers. There will be millions of websites offering the same services as you and millions of people searching for these services. So, how do you stand out from the crowd and reach the top of the search engine? SEO will help you increase your visibility among the people searching for your service or anything related to your service. 

SEO is important for the following reasons:

– It increases your website’s visibility.

– It helps you reach a higher ranking in the search engines.

– It eventually leads your audiences to your website.

– It helps generate more revenue and profits for your business.

– It makes your website and business look credible and trustworthy.


Types of SEO

There are various types of SEO practices that are followed by businesses. But there are three main SEO techniques that are practiced for web page optimization.

On-Page SEO

This technique is used to optimize the content on your website. It includes the use of proper keywords and the use of high-quality content relevant to the subject of your website. For more details you can also check our article on On-Page SEO.

Technical SEO

This technique deals with the user experience and the structure of the website. 

Off-Page SEO

The techniques which are used outside the website to bring more traffic and build a strong reputation are called off-page SEO.

7 Off-Page SEO Techniques

Off-Page seo techniques

Of all these, off-page SEO plays a crucial role in improving your site’s position in the search result pages. Let’s have a look at this in detail.

1. Social Networking

Social media is the best way to network and increase your business reach. Since people spend a majority of their time on various social media platforms, you can promote your website and establish business communication with relevant audiences.

2. Broken Link Approach

This is a technique where you find broken links of a third-party website and contact the owner of the source link. If your content is similar, the broken link can be replaced by your website link. This makes the user experience better by minimizing redirects and 404 pages.

3. Brand Mentions

Social mentions about your brand increase your visibility and trust among your audiences. It can be in the form of social media interactions, comments, and reviews.

4. Guest Blogging

One of the easiest ways to increase your reach is to guest post on another person’s blog. Who will not like good content on their blog for free? It is also referred to as ‘guest posting’. You can write on other blogs in your niche or invite bloggers to write articles for your website. A link to the website is mentioned in the blog which directs the readers to the other website. This is an effective SEO technique to drive traffic to the website.

5. Building Backlinks

This one of the oldest and most tried and tested techniques of getting more views on your web page. The concept is very simple. When a website mentions another website with an external link, it’s called a backlink. For example, when a blogger mentions your YouTube link on his website and the reader clicks on it, it will redirect him to your YouTube channel. This is called a backlink. It can help build better connections and get more organic traffic to your website. One of the best website that provides the service of creating quality backlink is Backlinko.

6. Create more Video Content

The growing trend shows that more and more people prefer to watch videos, rather than read the content. When you make quality content videos, your audience will spend more time on your website. This will rank your page top on Google. You can also create content-rich videos on YouTube and provide a link to your website. This is another way of getting your audience to your website.

7. Questions and Answers

A good way to boost traffic to your website is to post quality questions and answers on certain websites like Quora, Yahoo Answers, Reddit, or LinkedIn. These websites generally have high-quality traffic. When your answers are seen as quality content, the readers will click on the link to your website. Be sure not to include spammy links. You can use this technique to network with your niche community and thus target potential conversions.


There are numerous other SEO strategies that you can implement on your website. But these are the most effective and proven techniques to organically build your audience and help you rank better in the search results. All said and done, original and rich content will always be the best way to hold on to your existing audience and attract new traffic. By implementing the SEO techniques, you boost your online presence and expand your reach within your niche category.

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