Role of health and fitness in life

role of health and fitness

Year 1920 : We will have flying vehicles in 2020!

Year 2020 : Hand washing steps using WHO technique

In today’s day and age, one cannot emphasize enough on the imperativeness of health and fitness. After all, it took us a pandemic to NOT spit in public and wash our hands properly. The notion of health and fitness has long been ignored. With the advent of science and technology, human beings have become accustomed to getting things done with just a click of their cursor. Clothes, electronics, furniture, you name it, they are only as far away as your mobile phone lying in your other room. Needless to say, we have become synonyms to couch potatoes.

Were people healthier earlier?

There is no repudiating the actual fact that our health and fitness has gone for a toss over the years. Remember the days, when we used to return from school in a non-air-conditioned bus and would then straight rush to play cricket and then come back home only to study for hours? Did we feel tired at all? Do you remember your neighborhood old aunty who coughed a little less back then? This is because people were habitual of doing work on their own. They were never dependent on gadgets to wake them up or to remind them to have water. They were independent in a true sense!

Importance of health and fitness

Do you remember our old phones? The one we used to charge only for once, and it lasted for at least a week? And today we have to charge our phones each day. This is just because our phones are processing a lot more than before.! Similar is the case with our lives now. We need to keep ourselves charged all the time. We are always multitasking, and we need enough energy to keep our mind and body working. This can only be achieved if we start giving a little more important to our health and fitness.

How can one be healthy?

The journey of being healthy starts when you germ the seed of working towards your body. It all starts from within. No professional trainer or a world-class gymnasium can help, if your mouth still waters at the sight of double cheese burst pizza!

Following general tips will help you achieve the desired results :

1.     Eat your vegetables

2.     Lose weight if you’re overweight.

3.     Take stairs instead of elevators

4.     Exercise daily

5.     Get a good night’s sleep

6.     Use foods over supplements

7.     Don’t smoke or use tobacco

8.     Practice safe sex

9.     Protect your skin

10.  Have regular check-ups with your family doctor

11.  Practice meditation

12.  Limit how much alcohol you drink

These are merely suggestions; you have to decide what works best for your body and make necessary changes in your lifestyle. One should remember that a healthy lifestyle is a journey and not a destination.

What are the other aspects of a healthy body?

Health doesn’t necessarily mean going to the gym and lifting those heavy weights while you admire your perfectly chiseled body on the wall mirror. It is much more to that. Health should be taken as holistic development of the body which comprises of :

Mental Health: Having seen a very close family member go through mental health issues; I cannot press enough on the importance of the removal of stigma around it. It is high time that we stop making a taboo of people suffering from chronic mental illness. Just like you go to a doctor if you have pain in your stomach, there is a doctor too for issues related to your mind. 

Emotional Health: With the rapidly changing world, it has become difficult for human beings to digest the changes. An emotionally healthy person will digest such changes effectively and will leave no room to make mundane activities affect his emotional well-being. 

Spiritual Health: I forged on the path of spirituality a year ago. It has not only made me a calmer person but has also helped me discover different traits about my personality which I never knew existed. Being a spiritually inclined person doesn’t mean you have to shave your head and clad yourself in a saffron attire with the holy “tikka” on the forehead. You can be in your jeans and shirt and still be a spiritually aware person. I urge each and everyone reading this article to embark on this path. Trust me, there will be no looking back! 

It is only when all these elements come together and thrive, a person becomes a healthy being.  

It is high time that we start implementing the age-old saying “ Health is Wealth” in our day to day life. We are God’s creature and we have to give respect to his creation. We are living in trying times now. We can beat the shackles of an unhealthy lifestyle only when we realize the importance of health and fitness. After all, “ Jaan Hai Toh Jahan Hai”.

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