Parameters to rank page top on Google

SEO Parameters

These are some parameters to rank your page on google. Yes, you heard it right it was never difficult. You just have to focus on a few On-Page SEO parameters that will rank your page top on Google. Although Google keeps changing its algorithm rapidly still there are few parameters that google never changes, On this page you’ll find most of them.



Paragraph should not contain more than 150 words.

Any paragraph in the blog should not exceed the word limit that is 150 as it will decrease the readability and attractiveness. Moreover, readers will not read such long paras. No. of paragraphs should be greater than P(=total words/150). 

one sentence should not be more than 20 words

Long sentences will not be attractive and readers will leave the blog in the middle if they find a long sentence. Short sentences are easy to understand for readers.

Minimum word limit for article

How many words to be written for a blog must be decided after analyzing the competition. Search your selected topic on google and visit the top three blogs and note down missing parts of their blog and also their total words in that blog. You must write more words than top-ranking blogs on google. Moreover, blogs with 1200 or more words tend to show better performance and rich in values.

Use more and more transition words

Transitions words in the blog are a must. Click here to know what are transition words. These words help readers to understand how thoughts and ideas or tips are connected. It also prepares readers for what’s coming next.

article should be in active voice

Every blog should be in active voice as it will be easier for readers to understand your blog as well as it will improve the readability and make your blog more dynamic. Click here to know what is active voice.

article should not have any grammatical error or spelling mistake

online language learning

Grammar and spelling errors should not be there. Spellings and grammar error makes the blog worth low also creates a bad impression on readers as well. To write error free content download grammarly chrome extension.

Blog Formula

Blogging Formula

These are a few tips & tricks that will be helpful for you to make your blog/article attractive and appealing. The audience will get hooked by your content only if you make it engaging and this is one of the most important parameter to enhance quality of your blog and get more and more traffic that will eventually rank your page on top of Google searches.

Start off with good catchy title. 8 out of 10 people will click on your blog if it has an appealing headline/title.

Hook your audience with powerful and attractive introduction in your blog.

Add factual data, stats, graphs, etc. Provide authentic information.

Your blog should be solution oriented for your audience.

Write in conversational tone to make your blog more user friendly, and frequently ask question as well as reader’s opinion on your blog.

Always try to leave your audience with a question in the conclusion of blog to increase engagement in comment section.

Plagiarism should be 0%

stop plagiarism

Your content should be unique, written by yourself or you can say your thoughts and ideas must be present in the blog. If you try to copy or deliver plagiarised content then you may have to face several consequences and also it’s embarassing as a writer to steal someone else’s ideas or thoughts. You might also have to face legal actions against you that will cause you to pay penalty or even imprisonment. If you are using quotes then don’t forget to give credits to the owner. Check plagiarism of your content by using Duplichecker.

Keywords In Article

SEO keywords

Which type of keywords should be used?

Long tail keywords must be used because they are easily ranked and you can get alot of organic traffic if a post is ranked. Click here [MUST] to know more about Keywords.

Frequency of keywords?

Focused keyword should be used (1% to 3% of total words in blog) times.

FOR EXAMPLE: If blog length is 1200 words then min. 12(1%) times we have to use and max. 36 (3%) times.

kywords placement in article

– Once in title.

– Atleast twice in sub-headings.

– In first line of blog.

– And rest all over the blog.

Use atlest 4 related keywords for articles over 1000 words

Apart from focused keyword you have to choose more 4 keywords that must relate with the main keyword. Place these 4 related keywords each four times in the whole blog anywhere.

All keywords must be bold

Google recognizes bold words faster so we have to write all our keywords in bold format. Keywords are the most importact factor of on-page SEO.

How to compete with other blogs?

person winning in first place

To have a edge over your competitors, place your focus keyword in google search bar and read article that is ranked #1 on the same topic. Observe the information they have to provide and what they haven’t covered. Also, observe their word limit and their language. Then while you write your content, keep in mind, you have to write better than what you’ve read in #1 article.

To know the total words of an article without clicking on link download Keyword surfer (chrome extension).

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