Assam is one of the states on the North-Eastern side of our country, India. Although linked with many stereotypical norms, it has emerged to be more than that. Known for its tea and the beautiful view of nature that the state has; Assam has become a must-visit place for many travel enthusiasts. But with all this glory also comes the dark side. People discriminating based on physical features of people native to Assam is an alarming fact. But with the rise of such topics on social media has brought an immensely positive impact on this issue.


So comes the question, who is BTS? BTS is a Korean boy band group with 7 members, Jin, Jungkook, V(Taehyung), Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, and RM as their leader. They have risen from just being another K-Pop (Korean Pop) group to achieve global domination. Their passionate fans or supporters are called BTS ARMY. India too has a fanbase of Indian BTS ARMY and it is safe to say that North-Eastern states hold the majority in that. So, it wasn’t a surprise when Assam needed help, ARMY came to their rescue.


As we have all seen in the news, Assam was hit with pre-monsoon rains in mid-May that caused floods and killed 11 people. Although this natural calamity isn’t new to the people in Assam this time around, the damage has gone beyond control. Two weeks of heavy rain has caused one of the largest rivers in Asia, the Brahmaputra to overflow on a high intensity which has caused the farmers to lose all their crops.

Around 3.3 million people have been hit and were forced to move out of their homes. Over 1.28 lakh hectares of land has succumbed to this unfortunate loss. The death tolls stand at 71 with 40 lakhs affected across 27 of the 33 districts. The farmers are in a very difficult situation as they have lost all their sources of livelihood and are also in debt to the bank. In order to get some aid, the farmers have turned to the government. All this also drives to mental imbalance and distress in people of Assam.


The ASDMA(Assam State Disaster Management Authority) is helping people to get aid at relief camps. But it isn’t the safest place for them. With many people adjusted in one room, the infamous virus is paving its way inside these small rooms. More and more people are testing positive along with the waterlogging problems. However, the ordeal of farmers is still being shadowed by much useless news covered by media.


The BTS ARMY got together on Twitter after looking at the nightmare of what the people in Assam were facing. They formed a fund and the fans made contributions. Fans not just from Twitter but from different social media platforms joined hands and acted. This act of kindness collected around 8000$ which totals to INR 5,80,000. The saying, ‘If there is a will, there is a way’ could not fit any better.


When the authorities failed to act like the way they should in this matter, Assam found support at the hands of BTS ARMY. K-Pop from all over the world heard about this news and felt proud that the community that they have created compassion among all.

It is still saddening to hear and see offensive behavior towards K-Pop Boybands from Indians. There is so much space that is yet to be covered. Despite all the racial slurs that are thrown at North-Eastern citizens and the Indian BTS ARMY, they stand tall like one family. If not their language, we should learn this essence.

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